True Vintage pink marmalade

I was thinking today about everything that pink marmalade means to me and I thought I would share that with you.  

Living in Seattle, of course we always sang "You are my sunshine" to our kids. We wanted a piece of art in our home with that quote. We made our first piece of rustic cottage art out of old boards from our fence and a piece of plywood I found on the ground near the house that was being built next to ours. Some ink and some old stamp letters and we were on our way to do a little artwork. It wasn't as easy as we thought but it was fun laying that first sign out. I remember sitting in our living room with our kids singing the song as we spaced the letters out together. This was a work of love and it was for us to enjoy.

Our friends saw it hanging above our fireplace and started asking if we would make them one and how much it would cost. I had just recently been laid off from a company that went out of business due to the recession and we were looking for a new career path. A little light bulb went off and needless to say, we sold that first piece of artwork. We were so overjoyed at the happiness that others had found in what we were making that we didn't even think about keeping that original one for ourselves. 

A year later, that original "Sunshine" made it's way back to us. I wanted to share this with you because we love what we do so much and we could not do it without you, our customers and fans. Every time we cut a piece of old weathered wood or dip a brush in paint, we are thinking about what that quote may mean to you or what it might look like hanging in your home and it reminds us of how much that very first one meant to us. We hope that what we do will touch your hearts like ours. We would not make something we wouldn't hang lovingly in our own home.

Here is a picture of that very first work of art. It looks a bit different than the ones we make today and it has faded a bit but we wanted to share it and the story with all of you. 

first sunshine.JPG